In this article, Qozoa teaches you how to read Instagram Messages Secretly without the other user, knowing you see or not. Instagram is a popular application, and there are millions of people who are using this, but, along with Using Instagram for sharing and sending images and videos, you talk to your friend by direct message.

Let me tell you that if you will send the direct message to your Instagram friend, then it is not necessary that the person read the news and will give you the status. Also, you can hide followers on Instagram.

Most of the time, when you send the message to the person you know, then whenever the person with reading the news, then you will get the notification and the status that the person has read it. And whenever someone sends you the message, and you understand the message, another person will get the notification.

But if you are willing to read the Instagram message and don’t want t to give the notification to yours and then there is a procedure by which you can do that. As with other social media applications, Instagram doesn’t have the conventional system for this thing.

Instagram has the correct settings which tell the standard that the receiver has read the message.

How to Read Instagram Message without the Sender Knowing

This was the most straightforward procedure by which you can read the Instagram message, and the sender will see that you have not read it. If you similarly know any other method, then you can tell, then we will be more than happy to share it.

Step 1: Whenever someone sends you are a direct message, you will get a push notification. If you are getting that, then don’t read it or don’t click the word.

Step 2: First of all, you need to open the Instagram application and click on the direct message. It will be on the top right corner. Here you will see every word you have got from your friends on Instagram.

Step 3: Now, you need to disconnect your Wi-Fi or mobile data, for you can directly go to flight mode.


Step 4: Now, you can see all the messages you have got.

Step 5: When you have seen or read all the messages, then you need to sign out from the Instagram account.

Step 6: even if you don’t have the connecting internet, you still need to do that.


Step 7: You will be able to log out from your Instagram account by going to the top right corner and clicking the three dots.

Step 8: Now, if you want, you can connect your Wi-Fi data, and then you will log in to your Instagram account, and you will see that your message is still showing unread.

Remember that this procedure was only to give you the information about how you will be able to read the Instagram message without any notification about reading status. Reading the words secretly without the sender knowing is not a very useful or preferable thing, but for information, we have given you the things you wanted.

Instagram is a popular application, and you will be able to enjoy the application if you will be sincere with your friends and will be able to communicate with them in real-time.

Do remember that for this procedure to work on your Instagram account. You need to have the updated version of Instagram; otherwise, it might not work.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

These are the Frequently asked questions with helpful answers on Instagram. All the answers are official and working. Yes! You can try any of these.

Q1: How to read Instagram messages without opening 2019?

Yes, you can read IG Messages as you want even without opening. This can be done with the help of offline mode. Effortless and working style to do. For this, you can read all the above articles.

Q2: How to open a dm on Instagram without them knowing?

Many times you peoples passing in different conditions. But now you want to open a dm, and on their other side, you want the sender not to get notified about your opening. Yes, this is not a difficult job. Just read the above article and try that.

Q3: How to read Instagram messages without the app?

Instagram is an app that allows us to use Instagram messaging service. Sometimes you don’t have an Instagram app, but you want to use Instagram. For this, you have to use any search engine like Google. Then open your Instagram their and then your message without an app.

Q4: How to know if someone read your dm on Instagram 2019?

When you send a message to any Instagram User, then after reading your message, he/she will reply or leave. But in your chatbox, a blue tick will appears after reading your letter.

Q5: How to unread Instagram direct messages?

Sincerely, There is no way to unread Instagram if you read it. Once you read, you can’t stop it. But, for the future, you can read this article and try to cheat. Because this is the rule of Instagram, and nobody can’t change it.

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