In this article, Qozoa “How to install android apps not available in your country”. So, Many of Peoples think that Installation of those apps that do not have access in that particular country is not possible. Yes, this problem does have no solution in the past, but because of the research we have done in this field we are going to give you the answer about it, and you will be feeling very relaxed. Here you get a solution to the problem that’s an error shown as google play store this item isn’t available in your country.

First of all, it is very important to know that there are many applications on the Google Play Store, which gives you the restriction that this application is not available in your country.  This is a very big problem.

Some of the applications are very vital for our life, and if we do not have access to those applications from Google Play Store, then we are not very satisfied. Let us try a very simple procedure by which you will be able to download the destructive applications in your country without any trouble.

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If you have a rooted device then, of course, you do not need any other procedure to download the application, and you will be feeling free to download any application without any restriction of the country, but that is very dangerous, so we are going to give you the easy procedure without any root.

Install Android Apps Not Available In Your Country

We will try to use a free VPN which will allow you to use the country which doesn’t have the restriction of the application and you will be able to download the Android application in your Android device by showing that you are based in that country. Here is my best way to block any websites on android device.

Follow these steps:

Step 1: First of all, you need to download the application named Hola, which is very popular in this regard.

How To Install Hola Application

Step 2: Now you need to delete the data of your Google Play Store and also want to clear the cache.

Step 3: For doing that you need to go into the settings and application manager and Google Play Store and lastly clear the data by going into the store.

delete the data of your Google Play Store

Step 4: After clearing the data, you need to open the application in your Android and from there open the Google Play Store.

Step 5: Now you are using the VPN, and now you can choose the country whichever you like.

Step 6: You can choose America for this matter, and you will be able to, Download the application without any trouble.

After choosing the VPN and the country, you can select the application, which you want to download, which was restrictive in your own country. That is it you can download any application from across the globe even if that is restricted in your country. Now you can get verified on Instagram by verified badges free.


As it is mentioned earlier, that no matter if you don’t have the rooted device, you can still be able to do this procedure. So this is the solution to “this item isn’t available in your country“.

But if you have the rooted device, then you don’t need any VPN because the Google Play Store will not be able to access your location and will not be able to make the restriction for your Android device to download the application irrespective of the country where you are waste.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

These are the Frequently asked questions with helpful answers on the Google play store apps not available in your country.

Q1. How To Get Apps Not Available In Your Country?

Yes, you can get that application which is not available in your country. For this, you have to follow all the steps one by one. Which we already explained above.

Q2. How To Install Region Restricted Android Apps On Your Device?

Off course you can do this, For this, you have to change your region first then you can download any application. For this we recommend you to use hola VPN all the simple method already explain above you must follow that one.

Q3. How To Fix This Item Isn’t Available In Your Country?

Many times this error comes into our way because some apps are restricted to download for other countries. For this, you have to change your country location. then you can easily download and use those apps. This is the fix.

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