In this article, Qozoa teaches you ” Hide My Followers & the Following list on Instagram.” Firstly, I want to welcome you people in this article, and this article I am going to tell you that if you are looking for hiding your Instagram followers, then in this article, I am going to tell you the procedure for that.

The most important thing is you should know that there is no option from Instagram to do it, and there are no third-party apps that can help you out in this field. That is why you need to try the procedure which I am going to tell you in this article and please read this article till the end.

There is nothing you can do by the options from the Instagram company in this regard. That is why you need to choose the opportunities and the procedures which I am going to tell you in this article.

Remember that we are not responsible for any problem you face in the future. Still, we can guarantee you one thing that, hopefully, you will not be able to get any problem after doing the procedures in your Instagram profile. If you do everything according to be told, then you will get your output as soon as possible. Also, now you can get PUBG gift codes.

How to Hide My Followers & Following on Instagram

Many followers in your profile want to look at your followers, and of course, you don’t want that — the procedure in this article with being different from each other. So whatever process you want, you can try that. Hide my followers on Instagram and Hide my following on Instagram. Both of these methods are explained below.

Control Visibility of your Instagram Profile

You can control your Instagram profile by which you can hide your followers from the people who are looking for that.

Step 1: First of all, login into your Instagram profile.

Step 2: Secondly, go into the profile.

Step 3: Now choose the option from Computer, iPhone, or Android.

Step 4: Scroll down and then choose the option where you will be able to accept private of your Instagram profile.

Step 5: Now Tap on the Instagram profile private option.


That’s it, now everyone who wants to see your profile will not be able to see your followers but only the post you do. Remember that your followers will be able to see your followers on your profile, still the other people who don’t know you will not be able to do that. Hide my followers on Instagram is thoroughly explained.

Block User from your IG profile

The second option is for those people who are very tensed and want to block that person who is looking for your followers and is a bad follower of yourself.

Step 1: Firstly, go into the Instagram profile

Step 2: Go into the profile of the person you want to block.

Step 3: Click on the three dots on the right top.

Step 4: Now you can, choose the option of block the idea of the person.


Step 5: That’s it; now, you have blocked the person who was looking to followers of yourself.

These were very easy, and to the point options which you can choose on your Instagram profile to hide your followers from the people you don’t know. But if you are looking for more options from the official Instagram company, then there is nothing you can do. Hide my following on Instagram now explained.


That’s it now you know How to Hide My Followers & the Following list on Instagram. Now you can do all of these things in the right way. If you have a query about this, you can contact us for more information.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

These are the Frequently asked questions with helpful answers. If you have any queries related to this article, check below the given asked questions or comments.

Q1. How to Hide following on Instagram from friends?

Yes, you hide your following list from your friends on Instagram. This is not a difficult job. This is legal to hide from other users. But you have to know How to do this. For this, I recommended you read all the above articles.

Q2. How to Hide Number of Followers on Instagram?

Yes, The number of followers can be easily hidden on Instagram. This can be the only done if you follow the methods which we are explained above. These methods are working and can help you a lot.

Q3. How To Hide your Instagram Followers?

Here you want to know How to hide my Instagram followers. Yes, this question has an answer.  For this, apply the Instagram Private method and Hide ky Followers. Both of these are ready to Hide those users who are following you.

Q4. How to Hide who I’m following on Instagram from my followers?

If you are a follower of a person and now you want to hide your identity from the other peoples. This can only be possible if you do your Instagram Profiles as a private Profile.

Q5. How to restrict others from seeing who I am following on Instagram?

The restriction of other users is not illegal. If you want to Restrict others from seeing who you are following and why, because everybody has privacy, you can secure your privacy as you wish.

Q6. How can I hide who I’m following on Instagram from my followers?

Every user has followers, and also he is following many peoples. Because Instagram is the medium of follower and monitoring, from your followers, If you are developing someone special and want to hide this activity, Yes you can do this, I recommended you read all the instructions which we write above. And apply both of the Methods correctly.

HOPE: This article helps you a lot to know this thing. Furthermore, if you have any questions about this article. You can ask this in the comment box. We will reply as soon as possible

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