In this article, Qozoa tells about how to get paid apps for free. If you have an Android device, then, of course, you may have downloaded many of the applications in your Android phone. But most of the time, the forms available on the Google Play store, which is the official store doesn’t have the free apps. But below, we tell you about those websites which have android paid apps for free.

Besides, if you want some essential games or applications then, of course, you need to pay some money out of your pocket.  Therefore, in this article, we are going to give the information from where you will be able to download paid apps free and enjoy your time on your Android device. This way, you can get paid apps for free.

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These are the top biggest platforms for apps publishers to upload their apps. About 99% of these are paid on other platforms, but here these are free. And you search your desire app and get paid apps for free. As some time, Android Home and Back Button Not Working.

Blackmart Alpha

This is an excellent alternative to Google Play Store because from here, you do not need to register or make any idea, but in fact, you need to click on the application, and you will be able to download the paid apps free.

However, to get the applications in your Android device, you need to download the app of Blackmart Alpha from the official website of this application. Then you will be able to download any form you want without any charges and any subscription.

Download Black Mart: Click Here


This is another platform from where you will be able to download the paid apps free. This is unlike Google Play Store because, over here, you will be able to create your store and upload any apps you have.

Many of the developers post their applications over here free, and now you can download these applications, which are paid on Google play store free.  You do not need any subscription or any registration over here to download any paid apps.

Download Aptoide

Download Aptoide: Click Here

Amazon App Store

This is the official store from Amazon, and over here you need to register with your email id and then you will be able to download FB application available on this store free. This also has paid apps from where you will be able to buy the requests if they are not free.

Not all applications over here are free, and not all claims over here are paid.  So, you need to check the tag on the application, which will say free to know that this is the application that will be available to download free.

Download Amazon App Store

Download Amazon App Store: Click Here


Android is a grade alternative to Google Play Store because over here, you will not be getting the paid apps for free, but in fact, you will be getting the alternative for the paid apps you want to download.

What I mean that if you are looking for an application over there, then the platform will show you are the alternative to exact that application to fulfill your desire. It will also redirect you to the Google Play Store from where you will be able to get the option to the paid apps free.


Download Android App: Click Here


4Shared is the platform for downloading free music, free software, and book. Also, here you can download a large number of apps. In this, many are paid on google play store, but here these are free of cost. So you can try this and get your want app is free.

Many big companies uploaded their apps just like on Play store. So, here always, these apps are free for download. Feel free to download paid apps on 4shared. To download this app, a link is given below.

Download 4Shared App

Download 4Shared App: Click Here


So, you can see that these are the free platforms from where you will be able to download the paid apps, which are available on Google Play Store, but you are unable to pay the money from pocket to get that

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

These are the Frequently asked questions with helpful answers on Applications.

Q1. Best Sites to Download Paid Android Apps For Free?

Just note the above sites. Only these are the best sites for any type of paid app downloading free of cost.

Q2. How To Download Paid Apps For Free on Android Without Root?

Yes, you can download free. For this, follow all the rules and websites which are mentioned above.

Q3. How To Get Paid Apps For Free on Android?

Already share a full five site review above. You have to scroll above and learn about one by one.

Q4. How To Get Paid Apps For Free on IOS?

For the iPhone, Mac, iPad, etc. we will write another article on this. So, kindly wait for that time.

Hope! You get the maximum help from this article feel free to share this solution which your friends and other members. Also, if you have a question, then you can ask this in the comment box. We will reply to your query as soon as possible.

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