In this article, Qozoa teaches you How to delete a Gmail account and google account. If you have a Gmail account and for some reason, you want to delete your Gmail account and the data or emails based on that, then this article is going to help you out to delete your Gmail account without any trouble. Remember that you still will be able to use your Google and YouTube account even after you delete the Gmail account because these services can be run without any Gmail account.

There may be many reasons you are deleting your Gmail account. Maybe you are deleting the Gmail account because you have multiple Gmail accounts, or you are deleting it because you have found a better service from Gmail.

Remember that when you delete Gmail account permanently, you will also lose your Gmail account emails, which you got or which you send.

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Note: If you delete your Gmail or Google account your all this content will be deleted automatically.

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Delete A Gmail Account And Google Account

Here Qozoa is explain ing two ways of this method. First is “outline explanation” this is very fast, and you will delete your account within a few minutes. If you are in a hurry, you have to try this. Second is the “Detailed Explanation” in this every point is written and explained, all the possible terms are explained.

If you want every point to read, then you have to try the second method for your Gmail account delete. Let’s take a start and delete the Gmail account. Also, now you can install Android apps not available in your country.

Delete Gmail Account Outline Explanation:

Here these are the steps that need to follow one by one if you want to delete your account in less time. Because this is the shortcut of Account deletion.

Follow These Steps:

Step 1: Sign in to your Gmail account on

Step 2: Use the Account Delete link if not then

delete Gmail account

Step 3: Click the grid icon in the upper right-hand corner and select “Account.”

Step 4: Under the “Account preferences” section, click “Delete your account or services.

Step 5: Select “Delete products” mean Gmail account.

Step 6: Enter your password and delete your account

That’s all, and this way, you can delete your Gmail or Google account in just a minute. I hope you get this. But if you want details about it, then you continue to read this article.

Delete Gmail Account Detailed Explanation:

Now, If you want detail about this, then this is all about the step by step details. All the points are explained from which you get maximum information about deleting your Google account.

Follow These Steps:

Step 1: Now, let us start to delete the Gmail account without any trouble.  First of all, you have to login Gmail account.

delete a gmail account and google account

Step 1: Then go to Google account settings top right side of the page.

delete gmail account

Step 2: Click on the data and personalization on the left side.

delete gmail account

Step 3: A new page will appear on which you will be able to delete, manage, or plan your Google account. Now click on option delete your account.

Step 5: Now again, login ask for your account to fulfill security purposes.

delete gmail account

Step 5: When the new page comes in front of you, you still need to click on delete account.delete gmail account

Now your account is going to delete permanently, all of your data will be trashed by google from its servers.

In some cases: You will be asked to delete your accounts in which you will also see Gmail. When you see the Gmail name on that page, you can click on the Trash icon in front of the Gmail name, and then you will be able to delete that. When you are asked to give your secondary email number on which you will get the verification email so please give the email address, which is not associated with the email address, which you have connected with the Gmail account you are deleting.

You can give any email address, and then when you give the email address, you can click on the Send verification link button. Now you need to open that email account where you will get the email from Google with that subject title named Security alert for your Google account.

After opening, the email you need to follow the procedure by clicking on the deletion link. If Google asks confirmation from you, then you need to give them the confirmation that you want to delete the mentioned email address or mentioned the Gmail account. Click delete Gmail Account and your account will be deleted. That is it.  You can delete the Gmail account easily without any trouble.

This way, you will permanently delete the Gmail account, and now you can’t get it back until you filled the recovery form.


So these were the procedures by which you will be able to delete your Gmail account, and you don’t need to worry about your other accounts, which are associated with Google because they will still be working exactly like they are supposed to. There is no restriction on deleting the Gmail account no matter if it is old or it is new. This all about the delete Gmail account. Here this is the working way of Blocking websites on android devices.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

These are the Frequently asked questions with helpful answers on the Delete your Google Account.

Q1. How To Delete A Gmail Account?

Yes, you can close your Gmail account in just one click. Link shared above you just open and clicked on “delete,” and then your Gmail account will start deleting.

Q2. How To Delete A Google Account?

Yes, For the deleting a Google account, you have to sign in into the Gmail account and click on the delete Gmail account, then your Google account will be deleted.

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