In this article, Qozoa is going to tell you how you will be able to bypass Facebook phone number verification through some procedures which will use online message receiving service. Also even if they asked to verify with a Phone number or photo ID. Nowadays Facebook is updating their security features by the day, and because of that, they ask to verify your Facebook account by your phone number or photo ID.

FB is going to give you the message on your mobile phone number which you have connected with your Facebook account. If you have made multiple Facebook accounts through this,  then there will be a problem. Because Facebook is the largest social media platform for all countries of the world. Sometimes you want to Download Shutterstock Images Free Without Watermark. This thing also nicely done by facebook

This is very important to ban fake accounts for facebook for this, They are using some security features. Facebook Phone Number Verification is one of the important security checkpoints for bad user’s. But If you know some right way to Bypass facebook phone number verification then you can get your account back even banned.

How To Bypass Facebook Security Check

Whenever FB asks you to verify your Facebook account, they will ask you two options. One option is to send the message on your phone number where is another option is to call on your phone number. These are the two ways how to Bypass Facebook Securit Check without any problem. Want to Cheat Facebook Use Image Link Below!!

  • Using Free Virtual Phone Number – ‘Text Now’
  • Using ‘SmsPVA’ -Virtual Number for Account Activation

Both of these methods are now explaining here. For this just read all the instruction below. And then follow all the information which we are providing you. After this then you will able to get access to your to facebook account otherwise it will permanently block by the facebook department.

This way you can easily bypass the facebook high-level security with no problem.

Using Free Virtual Phone Number – ‘Text Now’

This is the most common method which is using these days because this is working for every person. If you want this method to work for you for this you have to read the whole article with full of attention.

How does it Work?

Step 1: You need to make your account on text now. This is a service which is free to use, and it will give you a virtual phone number.

Step 2: When you open the Facebook page where it will ask for security and your phone number, then you can give your text now phone number.

Step 3: If the option gives you Giving me a call option, then you are lucky, and you can use your text now a phone number to activate your Facebook account.

Step 4: When you give your text now phone number, you will be given a call, and you can pick up that call and answer With the code given to you.

Step 5: Congratulations you have bypassed Facebook security through this virtual phone number.

Using ‘SmsPVA’ -Virtual Number for Account Activation

The second option is that you will choose SmsPVA. This is an online platform where you will be given Multiple numbers of different countries whatever you choose. You will be able to get the phone number of Russia, the United Kingdom, America, New Zealand,  Australia or any country you want.

You need to pay five cents to 10 cents depending on the country to give the number to yourself. This website or this online platform has been used by different people for different media websites like Facebook Gmail Yahoo and many others.

Step 1: First of all, you need to visit this website. SMSPVA

Step 2: Sign up on this website for creating an account.

Step 3: Now you can purchase any number, and for that, you need to add fund in your SMS PVA account.

Step 4: You are given an option where you can add fund to your account.

Step 5: You should choose that option and add fund to your account to buy the phone number.

Step 6: Now you can buy the phone number and choose the number by the list mentioned on the website.

Step 7: You can I specifically choose Facebook to get the number which will be used specifically for Facebook account verification.

Step 8: When you click Facebook, you will be given options to choose the phone number.

Step 9: Click on Facebook and you will be given an option with the get the number.

Step 10: When you click it, you will be given the phone number which you can copy and paste in the Facebook account verification.

Step 11: When you give this number on the Facebook account, the SMS will come on your SMS PVA account. Open this account, and you will be given an option to retrieve the message.

Step 12: Retrieve the message from here and get the code which you can put in the Facebook account verification for Bypass.

Step 12: That’s it, You are done.

This way you can do these things correctly and your facebook account will get freedom from all the security issues. This is the best method which I am using personally.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

These are the Frequently asked questions with helpful answers on Facebook. All the answers are official and working. Yes! you can try any of these.

Q1. How to verify my Facebook account and send the code to my new number?

Yes, First of all, you have to change the old number verification with the new number. After this, you can do this. Now a days it is possible to create and Verify Facebook Account without any problem and then you can receive a verification code on the number.

Q2. How to bypass ‘mobile verification’ and create a Facebook account?

Yes, You can detour the mobile verification when you are creating a Fb profile. For this just add a number and then click on Skip Verification now. This way you can do this and bypass from this verification.

Q3. How to get a temporary phone number to verify facebook?

On the internet, you can get temporary mail But nowadays you can also get a temporary number to verify Facebook account. If you want this Temp number then you have to get it free or paid from the temporary phone number provider company.

Q4. How to recover a Facebook account, when it is blocked?

When an account blocked this thing done by Facebook officially because of your account violating rules of Fb. But now you want to retrieve it back. If you want then you need to fulfill all the details which your account want. After this, your account automatically recovered.

Q5. How to create a Facebook account without a phone number?

If you have no phone number then there is no problem. You just need to skip phone verification. That it, Afer this your new account will be created without any problem.

Q7. How to bypass facebook security check 2019?

Yes, you can bypass facebook security check in 2019 because of the internet always some methods working without any problem present. You just have to read and follow the instructions. After this, you can bypass the FB checkpoint which is blocked.

Q9. Best way to buy private number receive SMS?

Yes, you can Buy a private number for receiving SMS on this number. You can get messages and calls for your Facebook, Instagram and all other verifications platforms.

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