Instagram is a very popular and easy to use social media application. There are millions of users of this application, but some of them are very witty or abusing that you want to block them from your Instagram following.

If you are looking for blocking someone for whatever reason, then there is a procedure that will allow you to block them, and they will not be able to see your profile in the future. Also, now these days, you can View Private Instagram.

Now you are living the world of solutions. Every problem and error has some kind of answer. Here we are providing you all the best ways to do this.

Nowadays, many social media platforms allow you much access. Instagram is the biggest SMN. It also allows you many kinds of options from which you can do all the settings which you want to do.

These are three methods which we are exploring one by one

  1. Blocking on Instagram
  2. Unblocking on Instagram
  3. Finding Blocked Accounts

How To Block Someone On Instagram

Irrespective of the update of your Instagram application, you can block anyone but only on the Android phone. These are the steps from which you can easily block any user which you want to block.

How does it Work?

Step 1: The first and foremost thing you need to go online and log in your Instagram ID

Step 2: When you log in to your ID and password, then you will open your Instagram account.

Step 3: After opening your Instagram account, you need to find the profile of the person you want to block.

Step 4: If you have the remembrance of the name, then you can search about them, and you can block them directly.

Step 4: Just go into the profile of the person you want to block, and there will be an option of three dots above.

Step 5: Click on three dots, and there will scroll down then option where you will see blocked contact option.

Step 6: You need to click on this, and there will be a second confirmation from you.

Step 7: Confirm it, and the person will be blocked from you.


This way, you can block someone on Instagram.

How To Unblock Someone on Instagram

If in the future, you think or you want that you want to unblock the person, then the easiest thing is you go into the profile of the person.

Step 1: When you go into the profile on the top, there will be an option that says unblock.

Step 2: When you will click on that, the person will be unblocked from your Instagram account.

Step 3: Remember that if someone is not on your friend list on Instagram or you have blocked them, then they will not be able to see your posts.

Step 4: Also, you will not be able to see their posts. To get this service, you need to follow each other.

How To UnBlock Someone on Instagram

This is the way to unblock someone on Instagram. If you block someone by mistake, you can unlock that user by use of this method.

How To See all Blocked Contacts on Instagram

If many people have abused, you or bothered you on Instagram, and you have eventually blocked them. And now you want to see that which of the person you have blocked, and you want to see the list of those people, then the easiest procedure is mentioned underneath.

Step 1: First of all, you need to log in to your ID password and click on the three dots mentioned above.

Step 2: When you will click the three that there will be a big scroll down option for you, and you need to choose blocked contacts in that menu.

Step 3: When you click that option, you will see all the names and the profiles of the people you have blocked on your Instagram account.

How To See all Blocked Contacts on Instagram


That’s it now you know how to use Instagram and how to block the people who are bothering you on Instagram profile and are useless for you.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

These are the Frequently asked questions with helpful answers. If you have any questions related to this article, check below given asked questions or comment below.

Q1. How to block someone on Instagram without them knowing?

Yes, many times, we want some privacy. As we want, Nobody knows about it. This way blocking on Instagram without them knowing is the same thing. This can be done by the use of the above trick.

Q2. How to block someone on Instagram who has blocked you?

If someone blocks you and now you want to block him as revenge or other matters. You can easily do this thing. For this, you have found you block you on Instagram. Then you will block that specific person.

Q3. how to unblock someone on Instagram 2019?

This is the world of solutions. In 2019 you can unblock what you want on Instagram. This is not a difficult job.

Q4. how to unblock someone on Instagram that blocked you?

This is a different scenario. If someone unblocks you and you want to block that person. This is your choice. You can do this. Nobody can stop you from doing this thing. Just go and block that person.

Q5. How to see the list of people I have blocked on Instagram?

Yes, you can see the list of peoples which you block on Instagram in your whole life. For this, you have to go blocking section and check this thing out.

Q6. Where is my blocked list on Instagram?

If you block users and now you want to check blocked list on Instagram for this go to setting and click on Blocking lite, then view all the blocked users there.

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